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” Timber Curtain Window Walls”

” Timber Curtain Window Wall Systems”


Unitherm Timber Curtain Wall Systems

    Reineke Sash and Door offers several features to our Unitherm Timber Curtain Wall Systems. The exterior can be an aluminum clad profile which is available in an assortment of RAL colors (RAL is a color matching system used in Europe, developed in Germany in 1927) and offered in a mat or textured finish.

    An alternative to aluminum is our bronze clad system. Like the aluminum system, doors and windows can easily be integrated into Timber Curtain Wall Systems using three different bronze clad profiles. The bronze is availabe in three factory applied finishes: Branished, Antique, and Weathered Copper.

    The interiors of our curtain walls are constructed in one of two ways. The first, and most poplar, using premium hardwoods such as white oak laminated together giving an aesthetic beauty and a superior crush proof strength. The second, used primarily to accommodate longer lengths and for woods with less density, is a microllam or core system. This method uses a structurally engineered core material with a 6mm veneer applied to three sides. This particular design in no way detracts from the structural or aesthetic integrity of the system. Both are superior systems and will maintain the interior appearance and beauty required by an architect, designer, and owner.

Advantages of Timber Curtain Wall Systems over
metal only traditional systems


Thermal Insulation:

The wooden structure inside eliminates over-heating due to sun radition in summertime, thus increasing both living comfort and savings on air-conditioning.

Acoustic Insulation:

The solid wood system leads to superior acoustic insulation in comparison to metal only systems made of extruded profiles: in order to achieve the same insulation coefficient, the latter system ought to have all the hollow profile filled with expanded materials. 

Minor Expansion:

Longitudinal expansion of the wood structure is very limited. Differently, owing to their high expansion coefficient, metal systems are usually equipped with expansion joints that produce noise while settling during summer month, especially because of the range between day and night.

Easy and Fast Install:

Unitherm system requires very fast installation times at the building yard, a lot faster than traditional systems do: complete manufacturing of the profiles takes place at our production facility.

architectural installations
Timber Curtain Walls

Standard Profile

i-Beam Profile

Bullnose Profile

Bullnose Profile

Integration of Operable Windows and Doors into Timber Curtain Wall Systems

Uniform x Unitherm = Flexibility

The system for curtain walls, Unitherm has been studied to offer numerous solutions in terms of operable units: Sliding doors and casement windows, both inswing and outswing, make this possible thanks to the wide range of systems for doors and windows in wood-aluminum and wood-bronze engineered by Uniform. All of these units are intergrated with Unitherm in order to meet the most demanding needs by architects and to always ensure top quality performance throughout the years.


Structure  x  Form = Design

The structure of the oak jambs allows to freely customize the internal sides of the curtain wall: Profiles can be shaped accordingly to the desires of the architect in order to achieve symmetries with other architectural elements of the building, or to enhance the contrast between the wood and residential furniture, or else to break traditional patterns of metal only curtain walls.

wood_ profiles_ABC

Wood Types and Finishes:

White oak has always been considered the premium among wood types for Timber Curtain Wall Systems for high quality construction projects: Thanks to the presence of tannins, oak ensures greater durability in time.
Crush-proof laminated oak offers great dimensional stability and high resistance to the screws. Wooden profiles are fabricated in the version of painted solid wood with finger jointsand also in the version of wood wrapped with high quality veneer such as Makassar ebony and teak.
Hot melt gluing technology by means of warm polyurethane glue guarantees top quality wrapping of the veneer onto the profiles.


Wood + Light = Warmth

Unitherm offers many customization possibilities not only at an aesthetic level but also at a functional level: The warmth of wood can in fact be enhanced by a special lighting system that gives light to the interiors through wooden filtering grids to the taste of designers.

Structure Assembly

Assembly of the transoms with the mullions and jambs is carried out by means of a mechanical system patented by uniform that convey superior strength and crush-proof to the whole curtain wall structure, thus allowing the realization of fail safe works of big dimensions.

“Technical Data”